Workout Fee Structure

There are three ways to pay for swimming and diving workouts: pay at the door, buy a Splash Card, or buy a weekly subscription. In addition to that, there are two small annual fees. Members in financial need can apply for Paul Fortoul Fellowships.


What is it?
Walk into the pool and pay for one practice at a time.
How much does it cost?
$20 per practice.
How do I pay?
By check made out to TNYA or cash (exact bills only, please) on the pool deck.

Splash Card

What is it?
6 or 12 pre-paid swimming and/or diving practices. Cards do not expire and are transferable.
How much does it cost?
Approximately $13 per practice ($80 for 6 practices, $160 for 12).
How do I pay?
By debit/credit card through your online member account or by check on the pool deck.


What is it?
A monthly commitment to pay for a chosen number of weekly swimming and/or diving practices.
How much does it cost?
Approximately $9 per practice. The more practices you commit to pay for, the cheaper each practice is: $41 a month for a once-a-week subscription, $81 for twice, $114 for thrice a week and $134 per month for unlimited swimming.
If I swim less than the number of my subscribed practices in one week, can I make up the next week?
No. Subscriptions are “use it (within the week) or lose it.” A week begins Monday and ends Sunday.
How do I pay?
Create an online member account. Your card will be charged monthly until you cancel.
How do I change or cancel my subscription?
Email our team administrator.
What if some weeks I want to swim more than what I subscribed for?
You can pay for extra practices with a splash-card punch or a walk-in fee.
I’m joining the team in the middle of a subscription period. Will you pro-rate my subscription fees?

And Bear In Mind

USMS membership
You need to be a member of US Masters Swimming (or, for divers, USADiving) in order to swim with us after the initial period. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll be asked to register online for USMS in the process of creating your member account: a current USMS ID number is required when joining the team. USMS’s annual fee for 2012 is $45, less if you join after August 31.
TNYA annual dues
The yearly membership fee for TNYA is $40, or $30 if you join after June 30th.
If you need help
Swimmers in circumstances of financial hardship are invited to apply for a Paul Fortoul Fellowship.