The One Hour Swim, 2014

The 24th Annual One Hour Swim will be held January 18 at John Jay College and January 26 at Long Island University. Online registration is now open.

The OHS is part of the USMS One Hour Postal Championships, an annual meet held across the country. Swimmers get in the water, swim for 60 minutes without stopping, and get out. The object is to see how far you can go.

Team New York Aquatics uses this event as an opportunity to do something more than just swim. Every year we turn it into a fundraising event, a chance to help out local organizations. Online donations are being accepted and can be associated with a particular swimmer if there is someone whose efforts you’d like to support. Any questions? Feel free to contact us at

This year’s event will support two beneficiaries:

AIDS Service Center NYC (ASCNYC) helps HIV-positive New Yorkers, and those at risk, get a second chance to reclaim their lives. They offer a diverse range of individualized, professional services in a nurturing environment, including access to healthcare, social services, peer education, and safe-practice counseling. ASCNYC programs promote positive change, self-respect, personal responsibility, and connection to community.

Immigration Equality is the first and only organization in the United States working to achieve full equality for LGBT and HIV-positive immigrants. Funds raised will go to support their Russian Emergency Fund. Founded in 1994, Immigration Equality pioneered the field of LGBT/HIV immigration law and helped win major policy victories including ending the ban on immigration and travel for people with HIV. Immigration Equality’s two complementary roles — as lawyers providing free legal counsel to thousands of LGBT/HIV-positive immigrants each year, and as advocates pressing for policy changes to end the discrimination their clients face — make it a uniquely qualified and effective champion for LGBT/HIV-positive immigrants.