Join TNYA’s Dive Program

TNYA welcomes divers of all skill levels, from total newbie to high-flying veteran. Here’s how to sign up.

I. Memberships

Members of our diving program must join both TNYA and USA Diving before attending practices.

  • To join TNYA, create a member account and pay the annual fee.
  • To join USA Diving, sign up at the USA Diving website. To practice, you must have a Limited Athlete Membership ($12 per calendar year); if you intend to compete, you will need to upgrade your membership prior to doing so. We’ll talk you through that.
  • Before you attend your first practice, you must email copies of your membership receipts to

II. Paperwork

Bring with you to your first practice these 4 forms:

III. Workout Fees

Our diving and swimming programs share a common per-workout fee structure; you can use it to pay for swimming and diving workouts in whatever combination you like. For full details, see the swimming fees page.