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Teenya of the Month: Lisa Gilson

The Board is very pleased to announce that Lisa Gilson has been selected as or TNYA of the month! Lisa began her swim career at the ageof 6, debuting with NYC's Sandpiper Swim Team. The Sandpipers practiced at the Asser... READ MORE...

Here's a full list of Teenyas of the Month.

And while you're here, meet some of our other members via these fab little videos.

Bruce Hayes
Bruce Hayes, gold medalist in 1984 Olympics in 4x200 freestyle relay. TNYA member since 1990.
Helen Lemay
Helen Lemay, gold medalist and three-time record holder at IGLA 2007 in 50 & 100 freestyle. Started swimming at age 40. TNYA member since 2000.
Jennifer Pawlitschek
Jennifer Pawlitschek, two-time gold medalist at OutGames 2006 in 100 & 200 backstroke. TNYA member since 2005.