Our Leadership

TNYA elects a Board of Directors from its membership to handle the day-to-day operation of the team. They are:

  • Co-Chairs: Jack Martins and David Hildebrand
  • Treasurer: Joe Burzynski
  • Secretary: Lisa Gilson
  • Alex Barclay
  • Jim Cronin
  • Rachel Cutler
  • Casey Schick
  • Judy Stephens

To reach the co-chairs, send an email to

Coaches’ Committee

The Coaches’ Committee consists of 4 members: (1) the Head Coach; (2) the Meet Coach; (3) a board member (Coach Liaison); and (4) the Senior Coach Advisor. The head coach reports directly to the board, generally administers/organizes all coaching for the team, plans the quarterly training program, maintains relationships with pools/swimming organizations/members, and attends to various other duties. The meet coach focuses on preparing TNYA members for swim meets and other swim events, keeping swimmers informed of upcoming meets and events, identifying swim meets to target, organizing attendance at the meets, working with the coaches committee on choosing focus meets and the swimming program, acting as the on-deck coach at swim meets, and organizing relays at the swim meets. The board member acts as a liaison between the Coaches Committee and the Board of Directors. The Senior Coach Advisor will act as a general advisor to the coaches committee and as a liaison between the coaches committee and swimmers.