Our Coaching Staff

We're very proud of our coaches. Read all about them.

Scott Jordan, Head Coach: Tuesday and Thursday at HCC; Saturday LPZ at JJC; Sunday at LIU
Croft Vaughn: Diving Coach

Audie McRae: Friday I at JJC
Brad Cole: Thursday morning at JJC
Brian Cairns: Wednesday at JJC
BJ Gasperoni: Saturday at JJC
CA Hutton: Wednesday I at JJC
David Hildebrand: Thursday at LIU
Jacek Slowikowski: Tuesday at LIU
Jared Levan: Tuesday at CY
Leila Vaziri: Sunday at BC
Matt Clark: Tuesday at JJC
Michael Ferris: Monday at BC
Onesimo DeMira: Friday I at JJC
Sean Smith: Tuesday morning at JJC
Susan Murray: Basic Skills Clinics
Warren Perry: Friday II at JJC; Saturday at DSAC